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For Your GRAMMY® Consideration

Meagan is thrilled to be featured, for the first time, on a project that has been submitted for consideration for a GRAMMY® Award. Viajeros, a collaborative album spotlighting the music of composer and guitarist Giovanni Piacentini, has been submitted in the Best Classical Compendium category. Meagan performs with 2x-GRAMMY®-nominated guitarist Mak Grgić on Rosa Divina, a song cycle inspired by three poems by the brilliant, trailblazing scholar and nun Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. The album also features Giovanni and Mak playing a dynamic new guitar duo as well as Giovanni on one solo track.

Listen and learn more about the album here.

In the words of composer Giovanni Piacentini,"Viajeros is an album that takes audiences on a captivating musical journey, celebrating the art and legacy of the traveling musician and its profound influence on music history. The pieces encapsulate the essence of exploration, reflecting upon the myriad of experiences and adventures encountered during travels, and how these transformative moments inspire and shape the music we create."


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